Next Upcoming Event

Annual MORE General Business Meeting and Fund Raising Dinner

23 September 2023
- St. Clement Of Ohrid Macedonian Orthodox Cathedral
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Fundraising Events

We organize two fundraising dinner events every year.

Calendar of Events

  • In January – Mailing out of income tax receipts in Canada
  • Spring – Fundraising Dinner
  • Fall – Annual General Business Meeting and Fundraising Dinner

Support Sent To Egypt Goes Towards

Church Projects 70%
Needy Families 50%
Education 65%
Health 95%
Orphanages 55%

Wire Transfers

Because of a marked increase in our workload and to avoid many many questions, we have no set schedule for wiring funds. As soon as we accumulate a large amount, we will wire the funds. So, please send us any designated funds as soon as you can.

For Easter & Christmas, we should receive your donation very early as we wire these donations one month before their celebrations. In other words your designated donation should reach us 45 days before the celebrations such that we can try and get the best foreign exchange rate that we can get.