Below are the areas we are involved in Egypt.

Church Support

Establishing and building of new Churches in rural areas; Repairing and restoring Churches in rural areas; Funding the purchase of Bibles, Hymn books and other Church materials; Funding the transportation of ministers serving in rural areas; Furnishing or maintaining Churches experiencing financial difficulties


Funding the purchase of food, clothes, shoes and blankets; Supporting the education of orphaned children


Hospitals, medication and emergency surgeries; Mobile clinics serving villages; Medial centers in villages; Geriatric Centres


Think & Do projects; High School Youth Committee - Egypt

Financial Support

Funding to senior citizens, families in dire financial need, pastors serving in poor rural areas and retired ministers and their widows


Supporting the education of children with special needs and the education of orphaned children

Humanitarian Aid

Aid for displaced Iraqi and Syrian refugees, and for families of martyred by ISIS

Our Ministry

We endeavor to promote the work of the gospel of Jesus Christ in destitute areas in Rural Egypt

Through financial support of evangelists working in rural areas of Egypt.

Providing funds for the purchasing and maintenance of modes of transportation for evangelists ministering in rural areas in Egypt.

Providing funds for the purchase of Bibles, hymn books, related religious books, video and audio tapes and other media.

Raising Funds

for the repair and restoration of churches in rural areas of Egypt such that they may continue to be used as safe places of worship

Establishing Churches

in expanding areas in Egypt that require a place of worship.

Alleviating Financial Hardships

of poor and impoverished families in Egypt. Purchasing clothing, shoes, blankets etc. for orphanages in rural areas of Egypt.

Facilitating the Transfer of Funds

to specific ministries in Egypt. Providing and maintaining furnishings for churches experiencing financial difficulties in rural areas of Egypt.