Who we are

Mission of Rural Egypt "MORE" is a registered Canadian charitable organization!

We are involved in collecting donations from around the world and transferring all collected donations to Egypt for use as directed by its Board of Directors in Canada.

Reverend Ezzat Shaker is our sole agent in Egypt and he has a committee working with him when distributing these funds to needy churches, orphanages, hospitals, schools for disabled children, emergency and costly medical procedures, helping with expenses for homes for senior citizens, education for orphans and many other emergency needs that may arise such as car accidents and the like. Inflation has been rampant as food prices have risen quite substantially and the cost for medical care has become prohibitive especially for the poor and needy.

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Our History


Our Beginning

In 1970, Rev. Labib Kaldas, an Egyptian pastor of El Saraya Church in Alexandria, Egypt, was visitng Toronto, Canada. He met with a group of Egyptian immigrants to Canada and challenged them to adopt one of several projects in their home country. The group chose the project of reviving the untended churches in Rural Egypt. Mr. Rofail Girgis rose to the challenge and formed a committee consisting of himself, Mrs. Aida Labib who acted as secretary, Dr. Farouk Aboukeer, Dr. Gamil El Faizy, Sbhi El Sawaf and Naim Gayed.


As We Continue

Meetings were held once annually at Knox Presbyterian Church in downtown Toronto. Donors were approached personally for donations. Our first donation to Egypt was for a total of $ 1200. U.S. and was sent at the end of 1970.

Reviving the Untended Churches in Rural Egypt project, funded repairs for abandoned churches, subsidized expenses for neigbouring pastors to tend the dispersed flock, built rooms for visiting laymen to encourage them to go to these remote areas in Egypt.


Our Objective

Our objective was to revive and support the run down and abandoned churches until they were able to become self supporting. Dr. Farouk Aboukeer suggested that we change the name of our project to “Mission of Rural Egypt” and use the acronym MORE.


MORE's Founder

Mr. Rofail Girgis was a geography teacher and Principal at the English Mission College (E.M.C.) in Cairo, Egypt. At 73 years of age, Mr.Girgis and his wife Lily, emigrated to Canada in 1968. That same year, he started an Arabic ministry at Knox Presbyterian church with 8 members on the first Sunday in November, 1968. That Arabic ministry is now known as Chapel Place Presbyterian Church (CPPC), in Markham, Ontario. On August 12, 1989, Mr. Girgis was called home at the ripe old age of 96 years, having faithfully served his master over several generations.
Our Belief

We endeavour to promote the work of the gospel of Jesus Christ in destitute areas in Rural Egypt. We believe:

  • There is one God, eternally existent in three persons, namely, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
  • The Bible is the inspired, inerrant and infallible word of God.
  • Eternal salvation is through our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ alone.
  • As long as we are in this world, our life must reflect the teachings of Jesus.
Our Logo

The MORE Board of Directors is grateful for the design and production of their LOGO by Dr. Saba Demian on stained glass whose explanation of the design is as follows:

  • The increase in depth of the red colour in the letters of MORE expresses that MORE will grow more in the future.
  • The pyramids are the symbol of Egypt since time immemorial. Looking from left to right, they are on the West bank of the Nile and that is an ancient symbol of crossing over into the afterlife.
  • The crossing of the stems of the Lotus blue (royal colour) lily (representing Upper Egypt) with the stem of the Papyrus flower (representing Lower Egypt) symbolizes the unity of all Egyptian Christians not only in Egypt, but also in the Diaspora. This is borrowed from the union of Upper and Lower Egypt since antiquity.
  • The blue sky represents where we will be heading (heaven) when we are called home.
  • The muddy-blue Nile (alluvia) is God’s gift to Egypt (Blessed be my people Egypt ……)
  • The cross in the centre is the Coptic Egyptian design from the early church.
  • The globe indicates that all Egyptian Christians are united and that Christians from around the world support MORE.
  • The centre of the bottom fertile land of Egypt is the dedication to its founder Elder Rofail Girgis.
Our Mission

Supporting churches in Egypt in all aspects for carrying out their ministry.

Practicing acts of mercy

in order to alleviate the financial burden of needy families, orphanages, orphaned children

Providing financial help

for education, children education with special needs, geriatric centres, hospitals, emergency surgeries, accident victims needing wheel chairs, medication, mobile clinic visitations to villages

Building for the future

leadership training for future generations

Raising Funds

by sending out four letters every year as well as holding two Fund Raising Dinners

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