1963Birthdate December 4, 1963
1987Graduated from the Theological Seminary, Cairo Egypt
1988Graduated from Faculty of Commerce with a Business Administration Degree
1989 – 1992Pastored in Sedfa
1992 – 1998Pastored in Sharabia
1998 – 2003Pastored in Heliopolis
2003 – presentPastored Nasr City Church
1991 – 1992Chairman of Pastoral and Evangelical committee, Assuit Presbytery
1998 – 2006Chairman of Pastoral and Evangelical committee, Cairo Presbytery
2004 – 2008Secretary and Treasurer of Mission Of Rural Egypt committee, Cairo
2004 – 2008Chairman of Board of Pastors, Cairo
Currently Chairman of the General Financial committee for the Nile Synod


Rev. Shaker has written and translated more than 20 books, a few are mentioned below:

  • Church without borders
  • The kings of the Judas
  • The art of public speaking
  • Who is responsible for evil and pain?
  • Most difficult verses in the Bible
  • Can you be healed from hurt and bitterness?
  • No easy answers (translated from English)
  • Eloquence in Speech (translated from English)