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Our Ministry

We endeavour to promote the work of the gospel of Jesus Christ in destitute areas in Rural Egypt through:
  • The financial support of evangelists working in rural areas of Egypt.
  • Raising funds for the repair and restoration of churches in rural areas of Egypt such that they may continue to be used as safe places of worship.
  • Establishing churches in expanding areas in Egypt that require a place of worship.
  • Providing funds for the purchasing and maintenance of modes of transportation for evangelists ministering in rural areas in Egypt.
  • Providing funds for the purchase of Bibles, hymn books, related religious books, video and audio tapes and other media.
  • Purchasing clothing, shoes, blankets etc. for orphanages in rural areas of Egypt.
  • Alleviating financial hardships of poor and impoverished families in Egypt.
  • Providing and maintaining furnishings for churches experiencing financial difficulties in rural areas of Egypt.
  • Facilitating the transfer of designated funds to specific ministries in Egypt.



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