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About Mission of Rural Egypt "MORE"

Mission of Rural Egypt "MORE" is a registered Canadian charitable organization involved in collecting donations from around the world and transferring all collected donations to Egypt for use as directed by its Board of Directors in Canada.


Reverend Ezzat Shaker is our sole agent in Egypt and he has a committee working with him when distributing these funds to needy churches, orphanages, hospitals, schools for disabled children, emergency and costly medical procedures, helping with expenses for homes for senior citizens, education for orphans and many other emergency needs that may arise such as car accidents and the like.


Reverend Shaker is obligated under Canadian law to follow the instructions of MORE's Board of Directors with regards to the distribution of funds. MORE's Board of Directors is obliged by Revenue Canada to follow the income tax act regulations in overseeing the ministry in Egypt. This is done in order to ensure that the money is distributed as directed by the Board of Directors.


The contract between Reverend Shaker and MORE is automatically renewable annually and can only be revoked upon written request from Reverend Shaker or MORE's Board of Directors wishing to anul the signed agreement. Since that contract was signed in 2004, both parties have been pleased with the work accomplished to date in alleviating much of the poverty from which people in Egypt are suffering. Inflation has been rampant as food prices have risen quite substantially and the cost for medical care has become prohibitive especially for the poor and needy.


We thank the Lord who has enabled us to be partners in Mission of Rural Egypt.


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